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Vote Early, Vote Often

I have a new laptop coming, possibly today!! I did go with a Windows machine, but I am probably going to reformat it and install XP over the current install of Vista. I am hoping this will be a reliable machine; it's a Vaio 17". 

I have been working away on replotting the novel and filling out the llist of scenes in order to see what unwritten scenes there are as well as analyzing where the stakes get raised and how. I think it will be much much stronger for the reshaping.

Just got the new SFWA forum and my current resolution is to take advantage of my SFWA Nebula recommendation privileges and start nominating some stuff. If you're a SFWA member, I urge you to do the same, particularly if you're one of the people decrying the lack of (fill in the blank) getting awards.
Tags: laptop, nebula awards, plotting, sfwa, vaio, windows

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