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Productivity [Mar. 16th, 2008|04:47 pm]
Cat Rambo
[Tags|, ]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Nickel Creek - The Hand Song]

A few months ago I bought a swanky new laptop. 17" of sleek black Vaio goodness. "Oh my!" I thought. "The portability of this wondrous machine will surely inspire new heights of productivity."  Actually, I don't usually think like that, it was more an inchoate sensation of pleasure and anticipation.

Alas, no. If anything, the fact that I could take it and pretend to myself that I was working while the TV was going and my ample rear was on the couch has been a killer*. Wayne and I were talking about that, and when I got up this morning, he'd very kindly set things up so the laptop can STAY on this desk, and what's more, I have an additional monitor to park some windows, and a mouse to use rather than pawing at the track pad and wondering where the cursor went.

And so today was PRODUCTIVE. Finished one terrorism unit, got a good chunk of the next done, wrote 1500 words on a short story, read some Fantasy subs, got my notes on a rewrite to a writer, worked on a non-fic essay (almost done, Erin, I swear :)  ), and also managed to produce a loverly Ballymaloe Irish stew that's happily bubbling away right now and sending out a lovely aroma.

The only bad thing about this set-up is having to at least partially close it whenever I get up in order to avoid returning to find Raven perched on the keyboard since the docking station is a little...touchy to say the least.  But for this kind of productiveness, I'd gladly do some much more painful things.

I married the Best. But I knew that already.

*I will refrain from talking about the fact it has the OS from HELL, aka Vista, on it. Dear Lord, don't even get me started.

[User Picture]From: mr_earbrass
2008-03-18 02:37 am (UTC)
Seeing as I'm not the Lord, I feel the ambiguity as to whether or not I should get you started is strong enough for me to offer a sympathetic shriek of frustration at the OS Whose Name I Dare Not Speak. My wife recently got me a new laptop and so I too have gazed into the pit of despair. With the help of a techie friend I've got the unwieldy lummox looking something like XP but still--it's terrible, just terrible. This was also my introduction to the new, streamlined Microsoft Word program, aka, the nightmare from which I cannot awake. I'm starting to feel like a luddite and we're not even a decade into the new millennium...
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[User Picture]From: zhai
2008-03-19 11:54 pm (UTC)
Woohoo, re essay! Just now saw this, sorry for LJ necromancy. Glad your window install went well. You are like the ninja.

I am right at the moment attempting to get Sony to fix my very ill Vaio. XO
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