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And how war yore maggies?

Some catching up:

1) I came back from vacation to a wealth of discussion on "The Stolen Word", the story by Lisa Mantchev we ran while I was gone. I thought much of the discussion was informative*, and I appreciate a swift kick in the assumptions from time to time, since that's often a good way to learn. Personally I tend to be gentle when challenging other people's assumptions since my belief is that people listen better that way, but a case for effectiveness could be made on either side of that.  I'll note that "Lighten up" or "This is just fantasy" don't work well for me as responses - for one thing, I don't believe you can look at a piece of writing as something divorced from the material circumstances or culture that produced it.  I like the story and look forward to seeing more from Lisa.

2) The Russian specfic magazine, Esli, will be reprinting "Kallakak's Cousins".  Since my college Russian is extremely rusty, I'm going to try to knock some of the rust off by reading the story.

3) I'll be at Wiscon in a couple of weeks and look forward to seeing people there.  After that comes the Locus Awards and the beginning of Clarion West, where I'll be volunteering once a week in the classroom again.  Somewhere in the summer comes ReaderCon, which krisname has talked me into attending.

4) I got my copy of the SteamPunk anthology, which has many lovely zeppelins drawn in the front by the dashing and dynamic Team VanderMeer. Looking forward to reading it. You've got a couple of days left if you want to take advantage of their sale price and special personalization.

5) I highly recommend this Barth Anderson story appearing in Strange Horizons.

6) I'll be participating in the Clarion West Write-a-thon again this year.  More on that when the page is up and ready, but I'm promising a story a week and will be doing the weekly mailing with snippets for supporters once more.

7) The OBX trip was awesome, overall.  My favorite moment would be the Beatles karaoke session, since there's something touching about a roomful of people belting out "Hey Jude" in unison.

8) And now I need to go finish up the terrorism study guide.

*My only major irritation in the thread is that it's scummy to not attach your name to a comment attacking something. That's cowardly and mean-spirited
. You know who you are.
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