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There is one game beyond Armageddon that I will sink hours and hours and hours into. Civ, in all its forms, II, and III, and IV. I've never played I.  I am reasonably sure, though, that I have captured the Civ experience through (literally) days of play over the years.

I have learned various little tricks, some idiosyncratic to one version, others not. The art of running your scouts in a zigzag pattern that maximizes their movement, while taking advantage of the increased visibility offered by hilly terrain. How to up your income through the judicious use of missionaries. Why selling Liberalism to other countries slows down their military progress.  How satisfying it is to build Modern Armor units and then just roll through those countries that have been annoying you.

And yet...Civ is not perfect. I've gotten used to gender bias in games, it's part of the territory by now. But I'd like a few more female leaders in there, and for the love of the MOTHER GODDESS, why does one of the few female leaders, Catherine, greet you with a sexual come-on about wanting "closer" political relations with other nations? I mean - I understand that Catherine the Great did, in fact, enjoy her sexuality, but given the already existing gender imbalance, maybe the designers could have skipped that oh-so-funny little ha-ha-women-rulers-have-a-vagina joke and just....I dunno, maybe thought about the fact that some women play the game and we'd be excited about more cool leaders.  Boudicea comes with one of the expansions and she's pretty nifty. I know there's some others out there that could be used.  Or at least make Catherine rattle her saber a bit more and worry about other countries' a little less.

Don't even get me started on World of Warcraft and the succubi.

Last night Wayne was playing Sid Meier's Pirates on the XBox. Which is an awesome, awesome fun game. But one that forces the player into a relentlessly heterosexual male point of view.  Part of the storyline is the seduction of various Governor's daughters.  Which, frankly, I'd enjoy a lot more if I were playing a deliciously butch female pirate....particularly given that there WERE some female pirates.  Or a gay male pirate.  I'd go for that, and cut a swath through the ranks of nubile Governor's sons. That would rock. 

In short, game designers: more butchiness and fewer vanilla pirates. Okay?
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