March 21st, 2003


Something That Annoys Me

We've got a few players that seem...well, psycho would be the right word. There's been some doozies over the course of the last decade, but here's a good one:

Player S. At first we thought she was a good player. And she is, in some ways. Great emotes, evokes the world, etc. However, OOCly - total psycho. She's decided that the staff "has it in" for her, and that we're constantly watching her for slip-ups. Fact is, when you're unpleasant to deal with, usually you get ignored. Which is not to say you then get to abuse things. So we see an incident where she's using an NPC's script to determine people's guilds. I end up yanking the script, another admin emails her, the usual stuff. Lemme note here and now that no karma has been yanked - mainly because no one wants to deal with her psycho reaction.

Deluge of email ensues, including her demanding I call her on the phone so we can talk about it. Same woman who I've seen abuse people online, and spends most of her time in pissing matches with people half her age? Call her? No thank you. In the course of the email exchanges, she says she wants me to be blunt - please, no more politeness, just say what I think.

So I make the mistake of thinking, okay, and I do say what I think. She turns around and starts upbraiding me for not being polite, and (this is swell), puts it in her discussion board sig so she can start whining about it some more every time anyone makes the mistake of asking her about it.

Oh, here's the quote: "I've got plenty to do without having to spend time answering lengthy emails from a prima donna." And every word of it is true. One of those players who thinks EVERYTHING is about them, and can't stand not being the center of attention. Why should I feed her need?

Loony tunes. Please, Powers That Be, don't send me any more players like this. Or at least give them to someone else to deal with.
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