March 27th, 2003


Games, games, games, games, games

Well, Wayne bought a GameCube last night. We now officially have every modern game system. And still no bed. Picked up Animal Crossing and Zelda as well.

We originally went to Game Stop over at Crossroads. There's no other customers in the store - just one adolescent clerk and a manager bearing a strong resemblence to the comic book guy from the Simpsons. They both totally focus on Wayne, so there I am standing at the counter, holding the used copy of Animal Crossing I've found, trying to, I dunno, give them money for it, since that is the nature of retail stores. Two of them, I thought maybe one of them could be bothered to wait on me, but apparently not.

I don't buy the game when the clerk, finally taking my money, tells Wayne (not me, goddess fucking forbid he talk to the woman standing there holding out money) that the used version of the game doesn't come with the memory card you need to play it.

From there we go over to EBX in Redmond Town Center. Female clerk who actually directs some of the conversation at me, friendly manager, and their used copy of Animal Crossing does come with the memory card. Their prices are a little higher but, you know, it's worth it to me to be in a store where I'm not getting ignored because I have an XY chromosone and therefore couldn't possibly be interested in games. So irritating and annoying.

Wrote Gamestop a polite letter to let them know why I won't be visiting that store again.
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Bus Poem

This is the poem I submitted to the Poetry on the Buses program - the theme was Lost and Found. It was one of the winners.


Waking, I hear geese overhead,
a lofted tangle of noise.
Lost in a maze of muddled warmth,
a flanneled labyrinth,
I let their clamor lead me out
to discover this clear,
chill day.