March 29th, 2003


Animal Crossing

I have cheated at Animal Crossing by setting the clock ahead because I wanted the store to get in a butterfly net so I could hunt butterflies. I'm so ashamed.

Ohmigod, they've destroyed desert elves!

Ness changed the stamina on desert elves, and already people are screaming. "Desert elves are now worthless! Aiiieee!"

I agree with the change. What had happened was a previous coder added a HUGE stamina boost on top of their getting reduced movement costs, with some unexpected side effects, such as giving them radically improved hit points and wildmadcrazy psi skill costs. This brings them more in line with what was intended. I don't think desert elves should be killing machines with a bajillion hit points - they're supposed to be incredible runners, that's their skill, their joy in life, their pride.

Part of it is that we still, from time to time, hit something that got coded in because someone was playing a ranger, or a desert elf, or a laser-eyed automaton, with no regard for game balance. But I can see where it makes someone who's been happily reaping the benefits of that all kinds of unhappy. Still, it's always something, heh.


Watched Jackass: the Movie with Mike, Wayne and Mark. Goodbye to those brain cells. I still like Mark's observation, made a while back while watching the show: "This is what the world would be like if there were no women."

And, with that in mind, the results of the "Which Kanji character suits you best?" quiz:


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