April 1st, 2003


Mamet, and Marmots, and Assorted Things

Headed into Seattle this evening, to hear David Mamet talk at the Benaroya. About what? Who knows - but it's David Mamet, whose ability with dialogue I worship with all my heart and soul. Huzzah!

In other news, I woke up with a couple of story ideas in my head, and went and jotted them down, managed to write the first 250 words or so of a story in the process. The one in my head was a bit different than the one that ended up in notepad, but I think I like the notepad one, which so far is about honeybees and relationships, better. The other's based on a dream someone mentioned on eschwa, about their cat's tail falling off, which was such a good image that I want to use it. I'm writing more this year, and I like it immensely. Now's the time to start sending stuff out too.

When I was at Hopkins, I really had my act together, as far as sending stuff out went. I wrote off for sample copies of magazines, figured out what stories/poems would fit well where, sent them out, sent them out again when they got rejected, and kept sending them out. If an encouraing rejection note came back, I sent them something else, sometimes four or five times. And it paid off. I taped every rejection slip up on the wall next to my desk and eventually stuff started getting accepted - which was so awesome. I had almost a dozen pieces published by the time I graduated, and I don't think it was because I was more talented than anyone else in my class - it was all the hard work I put into it.

At any rate, I've ordered the Intl Directory of Literary Magazines and Small Presses, so I can start sending out for sample copies again. I do wish I could find a good writers' group around here on the evil East Side - that's the thing I really miss about Hopkins. Well, one of the things. Being around a constant stream of writers and poets reading their work was pretty good too.
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I email a player about not telling people he's a helper when he's not.

He replies "I never told anyone I was a staff member."

I say "Here is the log of you telling someone 3 times you are a helper. I am not saying you said you were a staff member. I am saying you said you were a helper. Here is the link to the helpers page. You are not listed on it. You have not agreed to the rules for helpers. You are NOT A HELPER. ACCORDINGLY DO NOT TELL PEOPLE YOU ARE A HELPER."

He mails in a TORTURED NOTE about how he is quitting the game because someone has framed him and claimed he said he was a staff member.

I can only presume he's being deliberately obtuse.

Mark's comment, which brings it all into perspective:

>I imagine account Blizzard is somewhere saying, "This is so cool, Sanvean
>keeps mailing me"