April 8th, 2003


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Walked to work. Go me! It's about a half hour, but it's all uphill on the way here, which means right now my face is pretty bright red. If I could get in good enough shape that I wouldn't get all red, I'd be pretty happy. This means I walk home too, but that's all downhill. It was a perfect morning for it, cool and damp, but no rain. By the end of it, I was wishing it was a bit cooler, actually.

Making M. Write to Womens

Wayne and I spent a couple of hours last night persuading his friend M. that he should write to someone in the Yahoo personals. Even found a few young women who look smart and funny and pretty, kept shooting him links. It sounds as though I've agreed to write the intro letter for him to one of them, a Seattle web designer.

A lot of my interest in the process was sparked by the fact that I kept looking at some of them and thinking "She'd be fun to know." I used to know lots of womens, and nowadays it seems that all I know are from work, with only a few exceptions, like Becky. Or else they're online friends, and live states and states away.

Part of it is that I'm not in grad school anymore, I know, or going to UU church on a regular basis - that's what let me meet fellow writers or pagans. A lot of the people I'd like to hang out with live over in Seattle, though, and since I'm still not comfortable enough after my accident to drive on the highway (and I don't know, honestly, if I ever will be), it means taking the bus to get over there, or hitching a ride with Wayne. We're going to Dana's play this weekend, though, which will be fun.
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