April 9th, 2003


More on M's Search for a Soulmate

Much of last night was spent comparing digital photos M. had taken of himself and composing the letter to the web developer. It seems to have worked, he got a nice reply from her, including a link to her band's website, http://www.goodbyecharlie.com, which makes her seem even cooler than the Yahoo ad. I think it's going to be hysterically funny (and very nice) if this all pans out.

In other news, I'm headed out for lunch with Claere this afternoon. Once again, she'll ask me if I've heard of any openings, I'll say no, but that I'll keep passing them along as I find out about them, she'll bitch briefly about Microsoft, there will be an uncomfortable moment of silence, and then we can relax and get down to gossiping and her telling me about the latest Buddhist retreat she's been on or spiritual leader imparting vital koans or mantras. I laugh a little bit at Claere for all of this, but at the same time it's impressive that she spends so much time and energy on spirituality. And she does, always, seem remarkably well-centered in a way I find myself envying.

Wondering if I need to get some warmer clothes for the Whistler trip. I know I need to get some books to take along, and film for my camera.
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