April 14th, 2003


Busy Weekend

The weekend went by quickly, probably because it was so jam-packed with stuff to do. I'm glad we took Friday off and didn't have people over that night, since that was a chance to do some relaxing and working on things beforehand. Wrote a haiku for the Half Price books contest, but I think the deadline may be over already.

Saturday morning - hauled 2 broken monitors, 2 ancient laptops, 1 CD writer, and some assorted garbage off to recycling. Then cleaned the study, rearranged the closet in light of the cleared space, and made the backroom seem a lot less cavelike. Did a lot of spring cleaning, particularly in the kitchen: sorting out drawers, getting rid of old and or unused crap, etc. Spoke to Navy Vet on eschwa; I'm sending two huge teddy bears off to a good home with his daughter. And all the spring cleaning energy ended up sweeping us off into the bedroom a couple of times. Also got some Arm time in: updated npcs, wrote docs, answered the usual 5 billion pieces of email.

Wayne got new tires for the Vehicross and the new version of the IDB running, huzzah!

We both got highly satisfactory haircuts at Gene Juarez Sunday morning, then went to see Dana's play and grabbed a bite to eat with Dana and Vicki at the Flying Pig in Everett. Came home, did a load of laundry, and henna-ed my hair, which is a glorious reddish gold now.

Could have, should have, woulda done more, but there wasn't time! I'm figuring this week I'll do all my getting ready for Thursday's trip.