April 26th, 2003



It's 6:30, or rather 6:41 now, and I'm up booting the mud for immday, which I do a lot of. It used to be easier when I lived on the east coast, and just had to be up by 10 to do it.

The cats like it; they both try to crawl in my lap, and Raven crouches on the computer trying to bite my elbow. I log on and sys a message like "Going down for immortal day; please log out and have a pleasant Saturday." At that point I monitor all - there's usually just a few players on. I want to catch the ones who continue hunting so I can tell them to log rather than sit there waiting for them. If there are people lingering, it usually means either they've been traveling and are booking along as fast as they can to an inn or tavern or the stables or they're sitting somewhere typing who. Ness chewed and purged someone at one point for the latter behavior.

The script goes pretty quickly until it hits the point where it's tarring the files.

Sometimes I go back to bed after booting it; often not. Usually by then I'm too awake to go back to sleep. If I don't, Wayne staggers out in a few hours, sometimes sooner. When I lived in Brooklyn I would start the boot, then walk over to the Italian deli for latte and a cannolli. Alas! There is nothing similar in Redmond.

After it tars the files, it goes quickly, and boots on the immday port. I send out an email to the staff, letting them know it's up and if there's anything everyone at large needs to know. If the boot bombs, this is the point where I have to wakeup enough to fix whatever it is. There was a note bug for a long time that would periodically corrupt zone files by inserting garbage charaters (line feeds) and for which the only remedy was to edit out the strings of consecutive 349 linefeeds from the zonefile by hand.

When people haven't tested code, sometimes it won't boot, but that hasn't happened in a long time.
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