May 7th, 2003



Mike's coming down the 29th, so I made appointments for the houseboat tour.

Next week I'm taking a week off. Possible plans:

play a lot of Animal Crossing
get the light installed in the dining room
paint the guest bathroom
finish painting the bedroom
put the closet doors back on in the bedroom
hang the shades in the bedroom
paint the study
put Pergo flooring in the study
hang curtains in the study
finish revamping the emote code on the mud
finish the Grey Forest expansion on the mud
implement a grab-bag of magic stuff on the mud
finish the bardic documentation for the mud
send a bunch of writing and queries out
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    Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah

Things That Make Me Laugh

I feel so hip:

"Other bands go on tour," says Laura Wren, frontwoman for the Bay Area's <">Extra Salty</a>. "We fly our friends out to see us play." Extra Salty was at Edinburgh Castle on Sunday night. ... Tasha Kelter was also there. The band has its first CD out called "Domestic Violence." "There are a lot of chick-fronted rock bands out there, I know," says Tasha. "But these guys are special, dammit!" You see, she was excited to meet Busta. Never heard of him? "Busta is a cult figure on the Internet, a tech worker living in Fremont, Neb., who puts himself out there every night on his webcam, aka Bustacam. He just sits there and watches TV, sometimes surfs the Net. ... (insert unprintable Web site here).
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    Extra Salty - San Pablo