May 19th, 2003


Back to Work

Well, I'm back. A new crop of posters has arisen in the halls and lobbies, although some of th eold ones still remain.

Frustratingly enough, I can't log into over lunch break and talk to the Mirthbot, which is annoying, because I had a slew of phrases to add to it. I emailed the site owner to see what is up.

I've also been cruising the web to look to see how possible getting married in Canada would be. It looks as though getting married and then spending a couple of days in a B&B might be possible. Though perhaps that would be best done in Seattle. Maybe the thing to do is get married at a Justice of the Peace here in Redmond, then take off for the weekend. I bet Becky and Mark would be willing to be witnesses. We could find someplace nice, on an island, preferably with whalewatching, drink a little champagne, and then return, happily married. I know my mother wants to be around for the ceremony, but if I do that, then we need to invite Wayne's folks, and then we need to invite my father, and my grandmother and god knows who else. But jeepers. Everywhere I look it becomes more and more apparent that weddings = big business for some folks.

B&Bs that look interesting:

Beyond that, the web stuff went down on Saturday and we haven't seen hide nor hair of it yet, since neither Mark nor Andy have logged on. I'm not too worried, because I know Mark has been shunning stuff, and he's not keen on seeing the mantis system, but we're losing players, apps aren't getting approved, and no one can do any scripting stuff, so this is very frustrating.
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