May 23rd, 2003


Choosing New Staff

We're in the process of taking on new staff for the mud. I guess, over the past few years, I've done this at least a dozen times, but I still find the process interesting and exciting, somehow.

I think much of the pleasure in it comes from the fact that people are always at least flattered to be asked, and in some cases, very very thrilled.

Coming up with a list of possibilities is usually not difficult. What's hard is finding people with the right characteristics:

Time: enough time to put 10-15 hours into the game a week, at least sitting on line and contributing, answering questions, etc, as a minimum
Thick-skinnedness: the ability to take teasing with a sense of humor, and to cheeerfully admit when they've fucked up, rather than spending a lot of time making excuses or defending themselves. The ability to see, at times, their ideas shot down (although usually with some explanation as to why).
Friendliness without being overly wearing. Not everyone fits this category.
Experience with and knowledge of the world of Zalanthas. A feel for what "fits" with the atmosphere and what doesn't.
A respect for the rest of the team. A willingness to acknowledge that the overlords have, between them, over 30 years experience with muds, and that when you add on the rest of the staff, we're talking about a century of knowledge and opinions.
Writing skill. Not necessary, but boy, howdy, does it help.
A willingness to work. This isn't one of those muds where the owner gives you an imm and then you sit online trying to determine all the funny things you can do with the highfive command.
Common sense. Know your limits, and be able to judge when a pproject involves so much work that it's not worth it.
Being a team player goes without saying.
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