June 4th, 2003


Kill All Players

It seemed as though last night was the death by a thousand irritations on Armageddon. Among them:

Cool little plotline for one player squelched by another
Finding out that of the gazillion people subscribed to the T'zai Byn forum, only a handful should actually have access
Trying to get a player freed from the Kuraci jail with an escape, only to have him die, along with another player, due to obtuseness. At which point the player wrote in a pissy email about how the staff was all out to get him
Trying to get all the staff situated, dutywise, finally getting it all figured out, at which point the backseat drivers took over and began pointing out all the things I had already tried to take into account
Trying to get one of the more important clans back on track and working as it should, only to have everyone point out flaws, without making suggestions
Thinking one long-time bad, OOC-manipulating player had calmed down, only to find out from another that, nope, still going strong

Wayne said he can tell when I'm annoyed, because I make a specific gesture with my hand, holding it up as though to cut off conversation, while I'm sitting there typing. Apparently I was doing it a lot last night.

At the same time, though, you have to laugh. It's like running a D&D campaign, where you try to anticipate everything but the players still do the unexpected:

"You see corridors extending to the north, east, and south."
"We're going to start tunneling through the west wall."
"Uh. Okay." (frantic scribbling and rolling of dice follows)

Takeaways for last night's player: "When released from jail by mistake, do NOT go into the nearest bar, paticularly if there's a friend there who will helpfully inform the guards of their error." Words to live by. I know next time it happens to me, I'll know what to do.
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