July 18th, 2003



I found a job on the internal website today that is 90% my dream job. I WANT IT. I'm revising my resume and cleaning up some writing samples over the weekend, and submitting it all on Monday. Luckily, my boss knows (and is cool with) the fact that there's another group that I would prefer, so I don't anticipate any trouble there. I'll talk to her about it on Monday.

Even if I don't get it, I'm pretty happy with where I am (what other group has a guy willing to dress up in a bee suit for group photos? and this is the group that came up with the SNAX website, which tracks all the free food at Msoft (MY idea originally, dammit, even if Matt won't admit it)) but holycow, this other job would rock so hard. I'm wandering around the condo pretend interviewing because I want it SO MUCH.
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