July 24th, 2003



Finished another chapter of the novel last night. Huzzah! Perhaps I'm back on track with the writing.

I did realize, in looking back at what I have, that it's very, very rough. My plan, though, is to mainly just get it all down, and then, once there's a complete first draft, go back and start tweaking and pulling together. There's too many damn characters, though. It's overly big and sprawling. And I just added a new person, too. But he'll be important, later on.

In other news, according to the internal job site, if I haven't heard anything from the internal recruiter about the job I applied for by the end of the day tomorrow, I should drop him a line. Based on how crappily I've seen our HR perform with external candidates of late (they seemed to be on the ball a few years ago, and have sadly slipped), I'm a little worried about this.

I dreamed that my review went badly last night, and I don't know whether it's my subconscious warning me, or just general anxiety.

I'm also tired of Armageddon people thinking that, although I've said I'm on vacation and don't want anything to do with the game for a month, surely I'll make an exception JUST FOR THEM, and will hop onto the game to take care of ressurecting their character because OHMIGOD THEY HAVEN'T RECEIVED A REPLY FROM THE MUD ACCOUNT IN SIX FUCKING HOURS WHAT ARE THEY THINKING OHMIGODOHMIGOD MY HEAD IS ON FIRE HURRY HURRY. Bleh.
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