September 23rd, 2006


Picking Back Up

I'm going to start cross-posting stuff from the blog at on here, with less game-based entries and some friends-only stuff. We'll see how the experiment goes.

Yesterday, WotF called to say I was one of the eight finalists for this quarter, which is awesome since it's literally the last quarter I'm eligible. The story was "Kallakak's Cousins", which is one of the TwiceFar Station ones and features a couple of characters involved with the Little Teacup of the Soul. And then today Shimmer liked the rewrite and took "Eagle-haunted Lake Sammammish" so I am prancing about with wicked glee this weekend.

Wayne is out buying champagne. He's also buying his birthday present to himself, a new TV, so I think the champagne is partially for that, because he's been researching the purchase for weeks. I'm just happy that the people on the set won't look green for no reason anymore. I kinda have that Sim feeling, you know, that glee your Sims get when you swap out the fancy new appliance for the old one.
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