September 25th, 2006


Blinded by the Sunlight

I have just spent too much time piddling around obsessively rearranging lj bits and uploading new pictures and other cat-vacuuming tasks. And now I'm going to sit down and write for a solid thirty minute stint, by gum I am, see if I b'amt!
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A 30 minute blast yielded a solid 1060 words, which completes the revision of Chapter Seven. Here is an excerpt:

Ursula found herself loaded down with a trunk, two bags, and a basket of pillows along with her own gear.

"You're very strong, aren't you?" Amalia said approvingly. "Like a mountain pony." She took up a share of the luggage and nodded at Lolana to do the same. "We'll have to make two or three trips, it looks like."

The cottage was a boxy square construction, divided into two rooms. The smaller held washbowl and cupboards, the larger four cots. They dumped their gear, and then Lolana and Ursula went back for another load. By the time they returned, Amalia had pulled one of the cots into the smaller room for Ursula to sleep on. Her clothing was stacked in cupboards and hung on pegs. Lolana's was piled on the cot by the inner wall, while Amalia had already made up the cot by the broad windowsill with her own linens. Ursula's belongings had been placed atop her cot.
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