September 28th, 2006


Treats and Nontreats

Finished this section of the VB study guide revision, which included, seriously, taking about a bajillion screen shots (Here is the VB IDE in Design View, here is the VB IDE in Design View with the Toolbox expanded, here is the VB IDE with the Toolbox expanded and a label control moved onto the form....gah), so I figured I deserved a treat when I went on my mail run.

And now, with my StarBucks(tm) venti Vanilla Bean(tm) in front of me, I realize...some things seem a lot nicer on the menu than in reality, and I should have just come home for some iced tea. Is this a metaphor for life?

Now I'm going to go wrestle "Therapy Buddha" into shape for my writing group on Sunday.
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Originally posted on the kittywumpus site. Comment here or there, it's all the same. ;)

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet bounced back "The Language of Flowers" and Gordon Van G observed of "The Bumblety's Marble" that it didn't quite win him over. I'm waiting on "Events at Fort Plentitude" to bounce back from the market it's currently at, then it has its shot at F&SF.

On the bright side, the mail also held a contract for next year's story in Strange Horizons and a check for some nonfic essays, along with a postcard about a friend's alarmingly lovely installation at the Baltimore Museum of Art, which is ultra cool. Go Rachel E!
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