October 3rd, 2006


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Did some fiddling with "Events at Fort Plentitude" before getting it ready to send to F&SF and then rolled up my sleeves and did a substantial rewrite of "THe Dewdrop Coffee Lounge" in preparation for getting it crittted.

Then I stepped back from Gladiator Girls, set up a template for describing scenes and am working on creating the structure pretty tightly before starting writing again. I think this will speed up the writing once I can get to it. Right now I end up with my attention divided between the chapter and novel structure overall, so I think I need to get all of the latter out of the way before doing anything else. It's going (relatively) quickly.

Got the editing suggestions for "Magnificent Pigs", which the editor said will run in late November. No substantial changes, just some sentence-level tweaks

While procrastinating yesterday, I stumbled across these videos of Jonathan Coulton songs done with WoW screen clips:

Skullcrusher Mountain (my personal favorite)
re: Your Brains
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