October 8th, 2006


Chez Geekier

It is a placid Sunday Chez Rambo. Wayne bought himself a fancy TV for his upcoming 30th birthday. Earlier he had me come in to admire the way it shows the glints on the football helmets and just now I heard him shout "You can see the SWEAT on his FOREHEAD." Surely this immense delight is why we have technology.

Meanwhile I'm piddling around trying to finish up email. Trabuco Road held onto "Whose Face This Is I Do Not Know" for a week, then declined it, although with very nice notes and an invitation to submit again, so it's on the list of places to try when various pieces return from their current peregrinations.

I'm almost done plotting out GG scene by scene. I have a template for each scene, and am slowly filling them in and figuring out the order they appear in. The template, which is inspired and borrows heavily from an exercise by http://amberdine.livejournal.com/ includes:

Begins with:
Known details of setting:
Main character's situation/emotions/motivations:

Other characters, their motivations, relationship with main character
What happens
What scene must accomplish
Forshadowing and things that must be established:
Mood and sentence structure:
Desrired effect in reader:
Ending hook:
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