October 10th, 2006


Nautical Zombies

Chapter Eleven done, at 2032 words for the day so far. Here's an excerpt:

"Well, then," Lolana said. "Prepare for ghost stories!" She was, it turned out, well versed in story telling -- "I had a bard for a tutor last year," she explained. She told Ursula of the silkkells, the water zombies that are the bodies of sailors lost at sea, stumbling onto land with an overgrowth of barnacles and anemones and a spectral light glowing in their eyes. Of the ghost lights that walk and dance far out to sea, leading ships to wreck, and the pirates who haunt the coast leading nags with lanterns around their necks in order to do the same. Of lost lovers who returned bound as the slave of a sorcerer who had fallen in love with their description of their beloved, and who were doomed to carry them back across sea and fire, come what may.
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