October 21st, 2006



We're heading out to the Kangaroo Petting Zoo and Corn Maze in about 15 minutes. Maybe this time we'll actually get to it. Managed 300 words this morning, but we'll see how much else gets done.
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Petting the Kangaroos

The kangaroo petting zoo was certainly unique. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I will say one of the most entertaining and educational moments was when a rooster decided to get busy with a chicken in front of the three small girls accompanying our group.

"What are those chickens doing?"
"Dancing. They're dancing."

Bizarrely enough, all the male kangaroos were named after fashion designers and the females after famous models. There were also peacocks, muscovy ducks, assorted pheasants, wallabies, lemurs, emus, llamas, donkeys, goats, a dwarf horse, a parrot (green-crowned Amazon) and a sulphur-crested cockatoo.

And kangaroos are very soft. It's quite nice.
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