November 7th, 2006



Decided to work on a pirate story that starts in Tabat, the same location as "The Dead Girl's Wedding March" and the novel, and got so caught up in it that I just realized I forgot to go get coffee. Now I'm going to remedy that. Here's a first draft chunk. I like this story, it's got great momentum so far.

It was one of those evenings when the sky is so blue that it throbs, just as the shadows begin to grow and the sunlight, darkening to orange, takes on an expectant, waiting look. Lucy had her head tilted back as she walked, examining the sky's color, thinking how best to replicate it when she was seized.

She'd heard the footsteps a few paces behind her as she'd turned into Stumble Lane but hadn't noticed them. A few blocks ahead, a lamplighter was moving from pole to pole, a golden, distant flicker. The houses here were close together, but mostly shuttered; only a few lights scattered in lower windows. On her left was the high iron fence that surrounded the Piskie Wood, its tree trunks damp with the same rain that misted the cobblestones underneath her feet. She slowed to look upward, arrested by the contrast of the dark leaves against a cobalt background.

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Stupid Memory Tricks

I wanted to pass this along because it seems like organization and other memory tricks come up a lot in conversation lately. I don't remember where I learned this trick, but it's stood me in good stead for decades now.

If I think of something late at night and want to make sure I remember it in the morning, I move my glasses to an unexpected place. That way in the morning, I look for my glasses, don't find them and have to look, think to myself "why are these in a different place?" and am reminded of the idea. It's surprisingly effective.

You can do similar things with your coat, cell phone, whatever. Just make sure you actually have a usual place for those, and that you don't pick such an unusual place that you lose them.
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Watching, Worrying, Wanting

2155 words so far today, and a goodly chunk of study guide tucked away, so I am going to go get one of my favorite things, an eggnog latte. It's still raning hard - the stream outside is swollen, although the lake stays well within its bounds. The leaves, rather than falling, have yellowed and grown droopy. holding on despite the rain.

I think tonight will be a lot of television watching, but I don't know that I want to track it too closely. It's not that I don't care, it's that it seems futile to think worrying will do much once one has done what they can already. I remain cautiously optimistic.
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The Con Meme

I fall in line with the rest. Next year, I will be doing the following travelling:

Rustycon 24 (Jan 12-14) Seattle - Possibly

London and ?? - sometime in February. The plan is to crash at Heather's and then just see what cities there are cheap flights to for a couple of weeks.

Potlatch 16 (Mar 9-11 '07) Portland - for sure

Norwescon 30 (April 5-8 2007) - Seattle - for sure

Wiscon (May 25-28) for sure

North Carolina either before or after WisCon, and I expect Ada to come see me this year, particularly since I know I will have Kris and possibly Heather along

Worldcon (Japan,September) is a possibility

WFC (November 1–4) for sure
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