November 8th, 2006


And the Inevitable Political Note

Like a lot of other people, I'm delighted to see the results of yesterday's election and waiting for the last of the news to come in - right now Darcy Burner and Reichert remain neck and neck. Rumsfeld's resignation is a little whipped cream on the side, but we're far from out of the woods yet. I remain cautiously optimistic.
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1487 words so far today on the pirate story. I think I need to go on a cruise in order to get sufficient atmosphere.
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Up to 2120 words on the pirate story so far today. Here's a rough chunk:

One night they summoned him. On all sides the black sea was lit with phosphorous, an eerie green glow with streaks of oily purple roiling with the motion of the waves. Dolphins leapt through the glowing waters, sleek forms outlined in brilliant color before slipping back into the waters. A wind snapped at the sails, pulling them onward through the luminous ocean.

The Captain stood looking at the water, talking quietly with the sailors. Finally they passed around a skin of sour, lemon-laced wine, and went back to telling tales. The stars wheeled overhead in the clear night sky, so fierce and bright that Lucy, drowsing as she listened to the storytelling, thought to put out a hand and catch one in a handful of molten silver.

She did not dream of life on land when she went to sleep. Instead the rippling waters that she'd watched pass beside the ship drew her down into slumber as though she were swimming along through turquoise waters, the blazing sun changing silvery fish into knife glints of light half-hidden in the water's translucent curtain. Night after night, she swam through her dreams as they headed southward beneath the full moon's smiling face.
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