November 9th, 2006


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1042 words so far today, all of them groovy. I need to figure out exactly what is happening next, but I have some rough ideas, at least.
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Childe Devon to the Coral Tower Ycame

2077 words so far today (shooting to make at least 2k a day, so I'll probably write some more today, but don't -have- to, come hell or high water).

The usual rough chunk:

The days and nights grew warmer yet. On a sky blue afternoon, gulls wheeling above like lookouts, they first caught sight of the Coral Tower.

It was much larger than Lucy had imagined it. In her head it had been the size of her house at home, three rooms, only grown up and downward into a long thin stalk. In reality, it seemed as wide around as a small city, and she understood now the undertone of awe with which both Devon and the Captain had spoken of it. It was round in shape, and windows lined its circumference, each large enough for their ship to pass through. The lines of windows continued upward, upward, towards a top that was far above in the blueness. Its color was a rosy, warm shade, but bird droppings encrusted the lower levels, thick layers of mottled grey and white.

"It's at its best right after a storm," Devon said. "Then everything is washed clean, and you can see all the details." He stared forward at the tower, eyes wide.
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