November 13th, 2006


Sugar and Golems

Well, I meant to work on the novel this morning, but the story I'd started jotting down yesterday decided it really wanted to be finished, so I rode that horse as long as it was willing. The new story, "Sugar", now complete at 3500 words, is another pirate story, which I have mixed feelings about, because I think the two pirate anthologies and one theme issue that are upcoming will mean one can not publish another fantasy story with pirates in it for the next decade after that. But I like this story and it's yet another Tabat-based one.

Here's a rough chunk:

"So she's sick, your friend?" Christina said.

"You were raised here in the islands," Laurana said. "You don't know what it was like in the Old Country. In the space of three years, the sorcerers destroyed two continents. It was as though everyone decided to make their power play at once. They called dragons up out of the bowels of the earth and set them killing. The Flame Plague moved from town to town. Entire villages went up like candles. Millions died, and the earth itself was charred and burned, magick stripped from it. Some people fought with elementals, and others with summoned winds and fogs, and others with poisoned magics."

She poured herself more wine. Christina's skin was paler than usual, but the firelight in the room gleamed on it as though it were flower petals.

"And you were here…" Christina prompted.

"I was here in the islands. I heard that Britomart had blundered into someone else's trap and was dying of it. I brought her down here. The magic is clean here, and there are serendipities and artifacts. I hoped to heal her."

"But that hasn't happened."

The wine was mulled with cinnamon and clove and sugar that had not completely dissolved, a gritty sweet residue at the bottom of the cup.

"No," she said. "That hasn't happened."
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I Never Know What to Title These Things

Got a chunk of study guide outlining done while at Victor's, drinking a latte with a beautiful flower of foam atop it. I think the next task is getting some submissions ready for snail mailing tomorrow, which means the usual poking throug Duotrope and Ralan, figuring out who might want what.
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