November 14th, 2006


I am...Spartacus

It's can't-sleep-o'clock in the morning and I'm watching Spartacus, which is a longer, more complicated, and significantly better movie than I remembered - and also apparently being shown on Encore with few or no commercials. Some of the dialogue is amazing. I've been trying to see how the movie uses its visuals to create various effects and how they might be echoed in prose, since right now my focus is world-building - learning to do it more efficiently, with less effort and self-consciousness.

The cats are ecstatic that someone is up to share their chair and doing their best to add to the warmth of blanket and heating pad.

The horizons are vast in this movie and I will say that it looks lovely on Wayne's birthday TV. Now I have blogged and will go write, although I think that should have been in the opposite order.
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Hippo Hippo Hippo Birdie!!

It is my birthday. Thank you guys for all the various nice wishes. :) Last year at this time, my poem in Strange Horizons came out. This year, I've got something appearing 11/27. It's been a nice year, complete with getting to see the latest round of Clarionites, WisCon and WFC, and the usual round of Armageddon fun and all the swell new people. It will be forever known as The First Year of Pink Hair.

I blew some money at Half-Price Books and bought myself chinese and caffeine and chocolate for lunch. I need to do some study guide work, but otherwise, I plan to write until dinner and then enjoy myself on WoW with my sweetie. This weekend there's a group outing for food and drinking to celebrate. Excelsior!
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