November 15th, 2006


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1100 words so far on a story that grew out of a chance detail in "Sugar". Still Tabat world. It's pretty complete in my head, just a matter of getting it down, so I hope to finish that today. I've got a big backlog to revise and send out atm, that's also part of today's plan, along with study guide crud.

Rough chunk:

The sky overhead is a cold and chilly blue. It is autumn, but she does not know if winter will come this season, this year of years.

The road is deserted, and the fields are splotched with corruption here, as though someone has been raising the undead. She has little to fear from such; the flames that keep her company would kill them long before they could touch her. Still, they are unpleasant company. Two weeks ago, she was trailed along the road by a pack of them, an entire peasant village's worth, it had looked like. After she'd killed two, the rest of them had had the sense to stay back, but they followed, staringat her and tried to talk. They expelled air from their rotting and collapsed lungs and it emerged in groans and creaks and single, whispered words. "Giiirrrlll". "Fiiiiiirrreee."
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Son of Bride of Armageddon

A lot of my time over the last month has been taken up with the vast project known as Armageddon 2.0 or, as I prefer to call it, Son of Bride of Armageddon.

I went out to coffee with M. this morning and spent time brainstorming ideas that ranged from how people should submit area proposals to publicity efforts and the AMAZING area I want to create as my second project and which will kick even more butt than the Grey Forest.

I understand the controversy on the game's discussion board, and I've tried to be professional but frank in posts on there but on this blog, I feel that I can speak more personally.

To me some of the reactions seem like this. We're in the situation of having hosted a continual virtual party, occasionally paying for snacks or ousting creepy drunks or otherwise tidying up for the past fifteen years. I will mention briefly that over the course of the time I've been with the game, some of that tidying up has ranged from dealing with stolen code, slander, stolen world files, cases of sexual harassment, stalkers, abusive players, outright crazy people (both staff and players), people putting up special cheater's boards, attempts to hack our server, and god knows what else, and that if anyone thinks dealing with that sort of crap is fun, you may want to consider again.

Now we (the people who have been doing that tidying up and enabling for the past decade and a half) want to change the party structure some in order to address problems, take advantage of new technologies, and keep those pesky noise ordinances from getting called on us. As good hosts, we've put some thought into how to best do this, including trying to make sure no one is partyless at any point, being straightforward so people know what to expect, and trying to plan things so the new party will offer the same cool experience as the old one but more efficiently and perhaps even more richly.

So that's what's going on, and when the announcement is made, someone stands up from my virtual couch and starts getting in my face about how we don't have the right to do this because they've been enjoying the hospitality for years and doesn't want it to change in any form or flavor and that the same people who have created the experience they like so much can't be trusted to revise this one.

Well. Okay. How about you go pack someone else's bag for that particular guilt trip? Because it's not going to work for me.

In these days of copyright and intellectual property, this decision has always been inevitable since the person that started the game loved Dark Sun and drew heavily from it. Yes, I'm sorry a lot of the party's decor will go away. I'm trying to save what part of it I can and we're putting up some new stuff. Wait until you see the lava lamps.

But this game is not an inalienable right and people are not somehow naturally entitled to having someone else supply it. It's sad. It's also exciting and an amazing opportunity. Deal. I don't want to sound cold here and I'm complimented you enjoy our efforts and care so much but. Seriously. Seriously.

On an entirely different note, I'm pleased to have some of my favorite ex-staffers talking to me about working on the new project, it delights me and makes me happy. I'm going to set up a blog that talks about a lot of the decisions and progress as things go along, and I think it will be an interesting process.
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