November 17th, 2006


Dream Landscapes

I don't know what goes on inside anyone's head but my own, but I can tell you that there is a recognizable world in my dreams and there are some landscapes that come up repeatedly. They include:

An immense house, whose location shifts around. Sometimes it is the house I grew up in, full of false staircases and secret tunnels. Other times it belongs to the Ziffs, a couple I used to housesit for in Baltimore. The house is filled with curio cabinets. It is haunted; the ghost's location shifts from the attic to the basement. The only time I have successfully dispelled the ghost is by singing, which leads me to believe that my unconscious mind is not particularly interested in being subtle.

The north-east quadrant of the Notre Dame campus, particularly the two large dorm towers there. To the best of my knowledge, I was in one of those towers once, visiting a college freshman when I was a high school senior. Sometimes I am further south, in the Notre Dame library or O'Shaughnessy Hall, usually sitting in a class where I have forgotten there is a paper due that day.

The town of South Bend, Indiana, which is where I grew up. It basically extends along Michigan, Avenue, and contains many of the other locations listed here. Prominent is the Michigan Street Bridge, which has invariably crumbled away until one has to either edge across or swing on a rope.

The Bloomington campus, which was where I spent my freshman year of college. In particular the student center and Kirkland (?) Ave, where there was a comic shop and a pizza place with a name like the Flying Tomato Brothers.

The Griffon Bookstore, which was in three separate locations in the course of the time in which I knew it, and which appears in all three.

Floating islands high in the air. Often accompanied by being able to fly.

A mall. This mall shifts around, and has been known to be located in London, but generally it's in South Bend, Indiana, where I grew up. Sometimes it is Scottsdale Mall, other times University Park. There is a large discount clothing store on the north-east side. Thre are no sidewalks to this mall, only parking lots surrounding it.

A Baltimore rowhouse, presumably the one I lived in while in grad school at JHU. I have yet to see anyone I studied or taught with there appear in a dream.
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Time to Stretch

Juuuuust about finished on the Intro to Business study - a couple more units to stick a few illustrations in and accept changes on and then I'm done, plus cranking into the home stretch on the final part of the VB study guide. Plus I piddled around with one study and got a submission ("The Sea's Silence") out to Trabuco Road, answered some emails, paid some bills, and did some cleaning. So I feel productive!
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