November 20th, 2006


Monday, Monday

I am done with both the Visual Basic study guide and the Intro to Business one. Things I learned from doing these:

1. Procrastinating results in the occasional panicked day.
2. Organization pays off.
3. Don't take on projects with complicated programming bits because they always take ten times longer than you expect and have unanticipated dependencies that may or may not be replicated on the user's computer.

I'm just so glad to have the "why aren't you working on those NOW?" cloud of guilt that has beset me for the past two months gone. Today I'm going to straighten out my desk, get 2k words in on the novel, do the publications flow chart I promised Nisi a couple of weeks ago, get caught up on the Armageddon revamp project, do some laundry, and figure out the schedule for the next couple of weeks.

And get ready for World Orgasm for Peace Day on December 22. OH-kay!
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