November 22nd, 2006



If anyone is interested in freelance writing, let me plug, which is (imo) well worth the $49 a year fee for its "How to Pitch" article series alone. These are 400-500 word articles focused on a single market, listing things like circulation, frequency, special issues, background, what to pitch, what not to pitch, recent freelance stories pitched, etiquette, lead time, pay rate, payment schedule, kill fee, rights purchased and contact info. Magazines range through Wired, AARP, Parents, Bon Appetit, and much more. I would still suggest getting a sample issue of the magazine before shaping a pitch, but this is a good place to find the higher paying markets and see what sort of stuff they're buying. Other benefits of mediabistro - local classes if you're in a major city, job listings, an Editorial Calendar guide (although the current one needs updating), and some useful content, such as "Pitches that Worked".

Now that some of the study guide pressure is eased, I spent the morning writing up a pitches for Wired and Salon and printing out stuff to look at while we are in Couer d'Alene for Thanksgiving.
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