December 16th, 2006



Heya folks. We just now got power back after it went out Thursday night. Life was interesting, and we were very glad we have the little woodstove in the front room, since that kept us warm and let us heat water for dishes and that sort of thing. We went to the grocery store and bought two loaves of bread and peanut butter, figuring that and the contents of our larder would sustain us for at least long enough for the Red Cross to start drop-shipping K-rations in the event that WIND STORM APOCALYPSE 2006 was as dire as it sounded.

FWIW, it was mildly dire. A -lot- of trees fell - the winds were up to 90 mph on top of a really wet few days that had saturated the ground. Two trees by the stream on the south side of the condo tipped over and fell on our bedroom roof, but they're just leaning there for now. Other points in the complex weren't so lucky - one car got smashed when a big pine fell on it and several entrances got blocked. We were without power all this time, which was cool for me because I was super productive - wrote 4400 words on the novel and three game code proposals. Less interesting for Wayne, who entertained himself by reading, playing poker on his phone, and holding kitty theater using Raven and Taco as puppets. The whole episode's only impact on the cats, of course, was the increased (and not always wanted) attention from Wayne.

I have some pictures that I will post and some more to take, since the camera crapped out on me halfway through. We ventured out this morning for D batteries, which were apparently in such short supply that the radio had to broadcast which Costco's and Wal-Marts had them. Fred Meyer had shown us no joy, but we lucked into a hearty supply in a 7-11 up around Auburn, which seemed pretty unscathed by WIND STORM APOCALYPSE 2006 and was in fact hoppin' with activity.

Despite the unwonted productivity of the frontier life, I am glad to have power and internet again.
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