December 18th, 2006


Creative Pencils

M. pointed me at these; they are fabulous and phunky.

Today is devoted to:
A) Preparing for my mother's arrival tomorrow. This involves scrubbing away the worst of the squalor and filth in which we live. Well, changing the litter box and mopping the kitchen floor, etc., at least. And laundry, lots of laundry. Compiling a list of what we want to do while she's here is another crucial step; I've got a scattering of clippings gathered throughout the year as well as some cookie recipes to try.
B) Typing in the last of the handwritten novel notes and writing some more. It's actually starting to feel like the first draft will, in fact, be done by Dec 31st. If I remain diligent.
C) Writing up my "future of text muds" manifesto, which was also written primarily by candlelight, and posting it to MUD-dev.
D) More game stuff.

I could think of a dozen other things things I -should- do, but I think I will be pragmatic and count myself lucky if I get the first two items done.
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No Cads Here

Nice Strange Horizons review up at Tangent Online here, which includes this passage:

What can I say about “Magnificent Pigs” by Cat Rambo other than you’d have to be a heartless cad not to be emotionally moved by it? After the death of his parents in an auto accident, Aaron gives up his dream to be an artist to tend to the family pig farm while taking care of his sister, Jilly, who is dying from cancer. At first, I was put off by the infodump of background (even though the infodump also possessed an emotional drive) while wondering when the speculative element would show itself. But the pleasant surprise at the end placed all my doubts aside. And, upon further consideration, there really wasn’t that much in the way of infodump. I read the same way I write: impatiently. But it seems Ms. Rambo’s writing skills can bypass even my impatience. So, hats off to “Magnificent Pigs.”

(Plus, I have scrubbed the kitchen floor and gone and bought a litter box that will meet with my mother's approval when she arrives tomorrow. Excelsior!)
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