January 10th, 2007



According to my spam over the past two days, I just can't stop winning iPod Nanos! What will I do with them all??

And on another note, my present to myself for the first ten pounds gone arrived. One fabulous fake leopard fur hip-length jacket (reversible so it can also become a black jacket trimmed with fake leopard fur) found among the vintage items for forty bucks. It's de-luxe.
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Don't Let It Snow, Don't Let It Know

People in this area are totally insane when it snows. I left here at 7:00 pm to pick up Wayne at the bus stop near Msoft - a trip that takes me 10 minues max on a normal day.

We got back two hours later.

Why? Because apparently there is a law in this area that whenever there is snow - including the inch or so of slush we got today - 50% of the drivers must pull over and park their cars, not off in a parking spot, but on the street itself, thereby effectively closing those lanes. God only know where they go - I suspect there must be packs of feral drivers wandering Marymoor Park. Meanwhile those still driving cannot go more than 5 mph.

I grew up in Northern Indiana, where we get SNOW. Real snow, deep snow. Snow where you can't see any of the cars parked on the street because the snow's so deep and thick. Snow that coats branches until they're five times their normal size. Snow that you could tunnel in. Wimps! TWO FREAKING HOURS I WAS OUT THERE WATCHING YOU IDIOTS CRAWL ALONG AT A PACE A TWO-DAY-OLD INFANT COULD HAVE OUTSTRIPPED WITH ONE TINY ARM TIED BEHIND IT.

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