January 17th, 2007


Var. Miscellania: Reprint and Translation

My interview with Nancy Jane Moore is going to be translated and appear in Planeta SF, a Spanish science fiction magazine. And "Tick Tock Girl", which is one of my favorite stories and which originally appeared in CyberAge Adventures, will be re-appearing in Prime Codex from Paper Golem Press. Yay!
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Cooking in Slow Motion

One of the odd things about a raw food diet is the length of time some recipes take. For example, the flax seed crackers I just made started with three hours of letting the flax seeds soak, then twelve hours in the dehydrator. The hummus that will go with them tonight started with soaking cashews for two hours. I just finished blending up a batch of pear-apple fruit leather - it should be done by tomorrow morning. I found a pancake recipe the other day, which takes 18 hours from beginning to end.

So far what's been made in the dehydrator:

banana chips - I thought these were good, but I also love the texture of the marshmallow hearts in Lucky Charms. Which these reminded me of.

marinated onion rings - soaked in soy sauce and then dehydrated, these are supposed to be put on salad, but they're a nice nibble by themselves

flax seed crackers - well, the thing that holds these crackers together is the glue-iness of flax seed, which dries to a crisp consistency. Basically these are flat masses of seeds with some dehydrated onion and garlic tossed in, held together purely with what I can only describe as dried flax snot. Still, these have a nice crunchiness to them, and I've been missing snacky stuff. Other than pistachios. I've eaten a lot of pistachios lately.

The crackers are very good with some fake hummus I just made. But my high hopes are for the fruit leather, which smells delicious.
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