January 28th, 2007


Describing My Day

Spent today in Paul Park's workshop, which was terrific, and focused on writing descriptions.  It made me think about a number of things I hadn't before, and I've got a couple of new strategies for the novel.  I'll write up my notes on it later - Wayne is in the process of rebuilding my hard drive, so I'm on a laptop watching The Dresden Files atm.  I'm hoping that with a few more episodes it'll get better.

Got the new Talebones yesterday, with "Memories of Moments, Bright as Pssing Stars" in the mail yesterday.  Looks great, but I haven't had time to read the other stories yet, drat it!

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At the end of the next week previews of the Dresden Files, they say to see the show USA Today called "magical".  Man, they must have been pretty skimpy on good reviews.

I mean...it's a show about magic, and that's the best adjective anyone's come up with?  <GOB>Come on!</GOB>
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