February 3rd, 2007


Productive Convulsions

I've been wrestling with the synopsis of the novel, mapping what I have written to it, scene by scene, and figuring out what chunks need to be supplied yet. It's tough but satisfying work. For me, the process is an odd oscillation between outline and writing - I started with an idea, wrote a few scenes, roughly mapped it out, wrote some more scenes, expended on that initial rough outline, wrote a whole bunch more, and now I'm expanding the synopsis to incorporate things discovered through the act of writing yet again. The end of the tunnel looks about six weeks away.

I also wrote a cool little teaser for a story based in the new game; it's up here on the new game blog.

We saw a coyote this morning, crossing into Marymoor Park, on our coffee run. Very cool. Right now Wayne's finishing up another hour of MANDATORY Halo (he's trying to get into the next Beta). Because it's a rainy Superbowl weekend, I'm doing cooked foods - there's a big batch of chili simmering in the crock pot that will feed us for the next couple of days.
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