February 5th, 2007


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In a fit of productivity, I have:

Rewritten the pirate story to be 5800 words, down from 8100, and sent it off to the Shimmerians. (And it's embrassing how much better it is as a result of that ruthless, ruthless trimming.)
Sent "Boyz and Girlz Come Out to Play" off to Abyss & Apex.
Sent "Flicka" to Aberrant Dreams.
Sent a rewrite of "The Dewdrop Coffee Lounge" off to Weird Tales.
Sent "Whose Face This Is I Do Not Know" off to Dark Wisdom
Started wrestling with a story Im collaborating on, and figured out the frame I want to use.
Talked a lot about the possible room model on Armageddon.

I still need to do a 1000 word essay on video games in the 1980s and a novel chunk today as well as all the sundry crits and notes and stuff that I'm behind on, but I've also got a 3:00 dentist appt to get a cavity filled. Blah.
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