February 17th, 2007


The Amazing Maleeni

I'm doing game, e-mail, and research stuff while watching one of my favorite X-Files episodes, "The Amazing Maldeeni". One of the reasons that I like it so much is because I went through a magician phase as a kid, I think around 12? 13? I learned card tricks - should see if I remember any, and tried in vain to palm coins. I had some store bought tricks and even performed at my little brother's birthday party at one point. Alas, I lacked the discipline for practicing card tricks as obsessively as seems to be necessary. But I loved reading about magicians and how to do the tricks, and I still adore watching magic on television.

There's another Tabat novel coalescing, somewhere far out near the horizon in the sea of imagination, juuuuuuust starting to emerge as the other one approaches completion, and I'm pretty sure it involves magicians. And circuses.
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    The Amazing Maleeni

WIth Truffles, No Less

TiVo produced "Mystery Men" tonight - third time I've seen it, and always funny.

"We've got a blind date with Destiny and as looks as though she's ordered the lobster!"
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