February 18th, 2007


The Day It Wanes

Started the day by going down to Crossroads to write with the group of Fairwood writers that meets there on Sunday mornings. Most everyone was off at Rustycon, though. :)  Knocked out about 1200 words, which was great.

Headed into Seattle in an hour or so for the biweekly meeting of the Horrific Miscue Seattle branch, post catching up with e-mails and blogs and that sort of stuph.  We've got my first three chapters and nuffink else, so I'm also trying to dig up some interesting writing exercises to do while we're there.  Suggestions?
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Jumbo Jubilation

Hurray!  Got home from Seattle to find that Intergalactic Medicine Show is taking "The Towering Monarch of His Race, Whose Like the World Will Never See Again"...although for some reason they don't like the length of the title.