February 20th, 2007



Apparently there has been a kerfuffle on Edmund Schubert's blog about a post in which someone who helped read through IGMS submissions made fun of some unlikely bits, including a story written from the point of view of an elephant. People jumped in on behalf of the mocked bits, including aforementioned elephant story. Which is mine, heh.  Unless he's bought more than one elephant story to appear in Issue 6.

I'd like to make it clear here and now that anyone is welcome to mock my premises.  Or my prose.  As long as they're reading them.  I mean, this is the story where one critiquer said "I put it down when I realized it was from the point of view of an elephant." (thereby giving me the opportunity to tweak her gently about it for the rest of her life). But I love P.T. Barnum, who's one of the OTHER povs in the story, and the story of Jumbo's acquisition just lent itself too well to fantasy. And Edmund bought it, and the market he bought it for both rocks and pays, so I am pleased as can be and no one at all, even goldfish and petunias, seems to have been harmed in the making of this particular acceptance.

So the following mockable stories are currently circulating, if anyone wants to mock and then buy 'em:

  • People who are turning themselves into horses in "Flicka"

  • An alien prostitute who is also a POW is the center of"Amid the Words of War"

  • Victoria Woodhull as a traveling saleswoman in the future appears as the main character in "TimeSnip"

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Word on the street has it that my interview with Nancy Jane Moore, "The Revelation of Gender", will appear in translated form on Axxon's site this Wednesday or Thursday.

And the sunlight is back out after a productive morning, yay!
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