February 24th, 2007


The Examined Life

I wanted to point people at an extraordinary series of blog posts by James Maxey because he's taken a trivial meme - "Five Things Few People Know About Me" - and used it to produce some personal writing that is, imo, very brave and very good. His final entry talks about the genesis of a novel in the midst of a failing marriage, and how real life events were transformed and put into the writing. It's (imo) a self-examination that is frank and wonderful, and very worth reading.

In other news, it sounds as though Jeff has already found a good market for our collaboration, which ended up being over 11k words. He's awesome at conveying mental processes through language, and I learned a lot from watching how the story aggregated over the course of us slinging it back and forth.

Tomorrow! workshop with Connie Willis! Now I need to go do some study guide and write up several sets of Suite 101 questions to send off to people.
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Messing around with a new story...

Still roughing this out, but I -believe- the story starts right here:

Even Duga, who never pays much attention to anything beyond his own hands, raised an eyebrow when I’d said I’d be hooking the manticore up to my wagon.

“Isn’t that a little dangerous?” my husband Rik said. He steepled his fingers, regarding me.

I knew whichever way I went, he’d back me. “The more we have pulling, the faster we get there,” I pointed out. “And he’s been getting fat and lazy as a tabby cat. No one pays to see a fat manticore.”

“More dangerous than a tabby cat,” Rik said.

I knew what he meant, but I kept a lightning rod at hand in the wagon seat in case of trouble. Mur knew I’d scorch his whiskers if he crossed me.

There is a tacit understanding between a beast trainer and her charges. He knew, and I knew, that as long as certain lines weren’t crossed, there would be no difficulties.

That’s not to say I didn’t keep an eye on him, watching for a certain twitch to his tail, the way one eye would go a little askew when anger was brewing. A beast’s a beast, after all, and not responsible for what they do when circumstances push them too far. Beasts still, no matter how they speak or smile or woo.
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Disappointing Things

"Breach" sort of sucked. But dinner afterward was tasty and accompanied with good conversation and interesting peoples.

Right now, we're watching an episode of "Special Unit 9" on the Sci-Fi channel for two reasons. One, it has a Vehicross in it and two...well, okay, it has a wise-cracking, criminal dwarf and I kinda like that. This is sort of stunningly wonderfully bad, but it remains bad nonetheless.

I also taped "Busty Cops 2" purely for the evocativeness of title and description: Three voluptuous women use time travel to fight injustice and wrongdoing. I mean...seriously. There's no way it can live up to the great and glorious chaos that description evokes in my head, so I think I'll just leave it there on the TiVo for now.
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