March 3rd, 2007


Oh, That Meme

Most recently seen on bren_cameron's lj in between adorable drawings from her child, this is the five recent first lines:

Every story is first told in a spider's web. (The Water's Secret)

Even Duga the Prestidigitator, who never pays much attention to anything outside his own hands, raised an eyebrow when I announced I'd be hooking the manticore up to my wagon. ("I'll Grind Your Bones, the Manticore Said")

"Think of the commission alone," Giovanni gloated, blowing foam off his mug. ("99 Statues")

By the time Jamie turned around, the Ambassador was gone again. ("I Speak for the Trees)

Bella dreamed of fire. ("A Plague of Flames")

And on a completely different note: this article on media attention to Brittney Spears is worth reading.

And yet ANOTHER note: this is why we look at things before publishing them anywhere.

Now I'm gonna a-go write.
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