March 6th, 2007


I'll Think About Procrastinating Tomorrow

A good chunk of writing performed in the Tully's coffee shop today.  Progress on the novel is being made.

With other stuff, I find I keep getting paralyzed by all the crap I need to do.  I spent part of the morning catching up on phone calls and got a little nonfic stuff done, but I still just have slews and slews and SLEWS on my list, so I end up feeling overwhelmed and go play Elite Beat Agents on the DS for a while.  Which doesn't really help, you know what I mean?  

However, at least I finally have a hotel reservation for WisCon, have registered for the Peter Beagle workshop at the end of April, and got my online banking stuff straightened out.  

I  want to point people at my friend Angie's Myspace page, because I love her singing.

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