March 11th, 2007



How much did I get done yesterday?  NUFFINK.  And I refuse to feel guilty about it.  I got into a horrible funk Friday night, and I think I needed a day dedicated to Civ 4 and reading to recover.

Outside, it finally smells like spring.  I've been waiting for that green tint to the air - it was preceded by daffodils, forsythia, and faint dustings of cherry blossom, but now it's full out ON spring-i-ness.  Two days ago I saw a hummingbird zip past the study window, and the snails have been decorating our stair railing on rainy days. (What's sad is that sometimes they appear to die in place, so later on the railing has one or two snail-shell knobs glued on with dessicated snail flesh, which can be gingerly plucked off or else left as reminders of the fleetingness of life.)  These are different than the dun-colored ones I remember from Indiana - the shells have spirals of white and dark red and yellow and brain.

The tree frogs have been singing berserker love ballads on the warmer evenings, so loud that you can hear them a block or two away.  The fat tortoiseshell stray that produces a new crop of kittens every year is waxing - pretty soon there will be new little kittens playing around the creek and, as always, I'll be watching out the window wondering if I should do something.

There is a possibility of baby raccoons, but I know I'll see fawns at least once, maybe twice, over at Marymoor.

The kitchen ants, which have occasionally made winter forays, are gearing up, I can tell.  A friend advised plaster of Paris, another some sort of citrus-based ant killer sold by Home Depot.  We try to keep a chemical free space for the most part, but for the ants I will make an exception.