March 14th, 2007


I'm Doing My Part, World

Well, I've been doing these study guides on occasion and right now I've got two to work on, which makes me happy, because it lets me stash away moolah for the summer.  However, one of them is a Basics of Economics class and already I can tell that my political views and those of the author do not mesh well.  It's going to be like the Business one again, where the SME (subject matter expert) politely removes all the places where my leftiness crops up as I write the slides. 

The section that has prompted this reflection is made up of two examples they're pulling up as illustrations of the principle of unintended consequences - the idea that economic policies may have effects that differ from their intended ones.  The examples provided are AFDC encouraging fathers to desert their children and the "failure" of the Social Security system.  So I'm scouring the net looking for other examples, like celibacy-focused sex education leading to higher incidence of VD that I can use so at least the students are getting two possible slants on why social programs might fail.  And thereby spending a lot more time on this section than I should.

The other study guide is Principles of Retail Marketing, which is going to be less work than this one, which is mainly just bulky with material that needs to be boiled down.  I figure between doing these and writing essays for Salem Press, it's as good as taking the occasional night school class to keep my brain active.

Raven is sitting on the back of my desk chair intently sniffing my hair, while Taco contemplates the mysteries of the universe.  What weird cats.
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Fare the Well, Bluths

We just watched the last episode of Season Three of Arrested Development.  Such a good series -- I wish there were more out there like it.  Lots and lots of clever little touches, and nicely constructed pay-offs.  I'm sad to hit the end of the boxed sets.

Just finished Academe's Fury, the second book of Jim Butcher's fantasy series -- good solid fantasy reading at its best, really enjoyable.  I'm hoping soon it is nice enough weather to be taking a book to read outside.  I made a Half Price Books run and picked up some new stuff, a couple of Agatha Christies that Connie Willis had mentioned in her workshop, The Three Musketeers (had an idea I wanted to play around with), The Wonder Boys, a couple of Rachel Caine's Weather Warden books since I want to try the series, a collection that has the first three books in Sherri Tepper's True Game series (to be stuck on Wayne's "you should read this" shelf).
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