March 15th, 2007


Second Lives

Dean Koontz will doing a reading and Q&A in Second Life.

This seems pretty nifty to me, and I wonder if more and more writers will be appearing on Second Life.  I had tried it a while back, but my computer wasn't up to the demands of the software, and I think I got about as far as the first third of the introductory walk-through.  I know Luc Reid, one of the Codex Writers, has been exploring promoting his wonderful little reference book, TALK THE TALK on it, but haven't heard re: how successful it is or not.

Horrific Miscuers!  (Or any group, really).  Surely one of you wants to get the hang of Second Life and make us a little clubhouse on there!  We could have a secret passageway and a robot and a talking skull and do periodic readings there.  I just don't want to be the one driving the effort, heh -- no bandwidth left, really -- but I will gladly dig out my avatar and come hang out in virtual land if someone else wants to bleed on the edge of technology enough to set it up.